With the publication of Power of the Seed in the Spring of 2015 the book is a record of what I understood on the subject up until the end of editing in late 2014. I have said that in the book, that it is an evolving study on this one subject.

Now that the book has been out for a year and a half there are points I made that need reviewing and revising. In addition, the oils listed at the time have now expanded and will be covered on the ‘oil blog’ on this site.

A few points that I will address in the coming weeks and months:

The first new post will be a correction to page 24 in the paper version of the book. The lower diagram for the triglyceride is inaccurate and is corrected here.


  • CO2 extractions of the carrier/fixed oils
  • Vitamin C, is it ever found in oils?
  • New information and research on oils covered in the book