Fixed Oil Essentials
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Unlock Your Creativity

This course will help you assemble a palette of oils to work with that will help you develop your creativity in formulating. And when clients, family or customers ask you to help them solve specific issues, you’ll be able to approach the task with confidence and knowledge of which base oils to use.

Fixed/carrier oils typically make up 95% to 99% of an essential oil blend
Coming away from an essential oil training with an extensive knowledge of essential oils, but a limited understanding of fixed/carrier oils is frustrating. This five week course bridges that gap and covers:

  • Evaluating oils - oxidation, scent, feel on skin based of fatty acid profile
  • Substitutions - how to replace one oil with another without affecting your results
  • Allergies and oils - how to choose oils for people with nut allergies
  • Unrefined oils - whole oils that make exceptional carrier oils
  • Skin care - carrier oils to address specific skin issues 
  • Massage oils - how to choose oils with the right slip for a massage oil base
Discover oils you can use in place of fractionated coconut oil that:

  • have little to no scent of their own
  • are stable against oxidation and rancidity
  • feel light on the skin 
  • are absorbent and disappear into the skin
  • have their healing fraction intact 
  • are rich in anti-oxidants and polyphenols
This is more than just another course, it is the other half of your work with essential oils

This course is the foundation for using essential oils topically, because essential oils must be diluted in a carrier oil, and the carrier oil makes up a significant portion of the blend. It is your ongoing reference guide to fixed/carrier oils, something to refer back to again and again as you deepen your study.

A big part of mastering a subject is learning how to ask the right questions. This course gives you that foundation so that you can study, research and create your own unique blends, recipes and formulas.

It is yours for life and you get ongoing access to all new editions I release. All the lessons are downloadable so you can create your own reference book.

  • Visual learning tools like the pie chart on the left showing the fatty acid profile of Jojoba
  • Fatty acid profiles of common and exotic oils
  • Printable download of the course for off line study
  • Ongoing discussions keep the learning environment fun and engaging.
Tactile learning and hands on experimentation
Essential oils and carrier oils are inherently different in feel, structure and chemical makeup. This difference seems obvious, but when we start looking at the more exotic fixed oils it can get challenging.

We will develop a technique to learning the differences and idiosyncrasies of the fixed oils, how to read a fatty acid profile and what to look for when purchasing supplies.

Learning to know the fixed oils goes far beyond smelling them for scent. Considerations such as stability, skin feel and active compounds come into play.

Thoughtfully chosen carrier oils yield exceptional results

Here's How it Works

During the five weeks of the course we'll go through each module together. I'll hold office hours, host a weekly discussion and send an email at the beginning of each week.

But the course isn't over after that. You can return to the material anytime, you can download it, print it out or access it online. And if you can't find the time in November, just look over the material, try some of the experiments and then study at your own pace when your schedule allows.

And, each time I run the course again you are invited to join the discussions and Q&A calls. You'll also get full access to new editions of the course, bonuses and anything else I add in the future. 
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  • Registration closes October 30th
  • Course opens November 1st

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One Time Payment
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