Webinar with Susan M Parker
Stocking Your Carrier Oils
Create a Versatile Custom Collection! 
This webinar is for you if...
You're overwhelmed by all the choices of carrier oils available and want to make more deliberate purchases
You want to get more out of your essential oil blends by combining them with effective carrier oils
You want a better understanding carrier oils work on the skin and in your skincare recipes, salves and herbal infusions
You keep buying oils obsessively (hello cranberry seed oil? yum!)  and now you want to go a bit deeper into the underlying structure of the oils
You want to create a versatile, effective and useful collection of carrier oils for all your upcoming projects
I love studying with Susan. She has created groundbreaking material that is fun to learn. Her work has been critical to me to uncover my special passion using lipids in combination with other additions to a multitude of topical preparations. 

If you’re serious about developing your skills with carrier oil selection or even more complex Lipid based products, Susan Parker’s workshops and materials can’t be beat!!!
~Liz Zucco
We're going Live this Sunday July 26th at 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern / and Monday July 27th, 9 AM Sydney, Australia
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