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Formula & Recipe Analysis and Consulting 

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Please answer the questionnaire below so that I can best develop a price for the consultation that serves both of us.

Note: I do recommend that you try to achieve what you want to know on your own. To do this the Maker’s Carrier Oil course or Lipids Decoded course will give you basic in-depth information for you to apply to your projects using the lipid oils. My Lipid Oils Insider membership group is where I answer some questions you may have that I can cover in a FB comment.

If you’d like me to review your formulas please fill out the following questionnaire:

  1. What sort of information and feedback are you requesting? Fatty acid review? Unsaponifiable review, content, and actions possible on the skin?
  2. How many products/combinations will this be for?
  3. How much background do you have in combining formulas?
  4. Do you plan to make these into products for sale? Or are these for your personal use?
  5. Are you trying to solve a particular skincare challenge or problem?
  6. Do you want a full video interview with me to discuss your ideas/concerns?
  7. Is this a “great idea” that you want to explore or a combination you’ve been trying to perfect for a period of time?
  8. What is your idea of a perfect outcome for our time together?

Consulting packages will vary in price by your needs and the time it will take to help you.

You can email me the response to the questions above at susan@susanmparker.com

Please put CONSULTING in the subject line