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with susan m parker

Carrier Oils  Online Course

Be 100% confident that you’re choosing the right carrier oil for your unique project. Whether you’re creating an facial oil serum to boost collagen production, infusing skin healing herbs for future formulas, or you’re looking for that one carrier oil that is your perfect skincare match for everyday use.

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Susan has certainly given me my greatest insight into the carrier oils and the many benefits and effects they can bring. I have thoroughly enjoyed this new knowledge and gained great inspiration from the course, her book and fellow students on the face book group. I highly recommend this course to any one who enjoys working with natural ingredients . Carrier oils have now opened a whole new world to me and given me a greater understanding of blending.


Beverley Higham

Lipids Decoded Online Course

Lipids Decoded teaches you the science you need to get the results you want from your lipid oils like carrier oils, fixed oils, botanical oils and plant butters. From week one through week seven, you’ll build your skills one step at a time, combining basic chemistry with hands on learning and experiments to help anchor the important stuff.

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I completed the Lipids Decoded course in 2017. I found this course full of great information and in depth facts about many of the different carrier oils. I also bought the book ‘Power of the Seed’ which is great! With the course and book, it has inspired me to buy many carrier oils which I test and mix at home now. I just love them on my skin! I understand the fatty acid profiles and by looking at these can tell what the oil will feel like and how it will penetrate the skin. I just love this information and would one day love to work with the oils I make. I will always remain a part of the Lipids Decoded community! Thanks Susan!

Pietra, London, U.K