Fixed Oils vs. Essential Oils

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From the plant world, there are two fundamentally different kinds of oils. One, the fixed oils, feeds and nourishes skin and body, is oily and composed of fatty acids. The other is the aromatic, volatile, therapeutic and concentrated essential oils. 

This course explores the differences between the fixed oils and the volatile oils.

As an herbalist and skin care formulator for over twenty years, I've developed a relationship with both types of botanical oils. This have given me a lot of experience that I wan't to share with you. I know you know the differences, but so often I see people who mix these two up. This course will not only give you a solid grasp of exactly what it is that makes these types of oils so different, it will also give you the tools to explain to others the inherent differences between essential oils and fixed oils. 

I want to share this with you for free because it is such an important part of studying the fixed oils. 

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Fixed Oils vs. Essential Oils ~ What makes them so different and how we can combine them.