When I started my skin care line 20 years ago, I found a lot of information on the essential oils but almost no solid information on the fixed oils. The information that did exist on these oils was spread out all over the Internet.
As I built my product line, I needed to understand the fixed oils and spent hundreds of hours hunting down, and printing out page after page of oil monographs. I collected all the information I could find in a very large binder. That binder became my first book Power of the Seed: Your Guide to Oils for Health & Beauty

It was during my research, I started to discover patterns in the oils’ structure, patterns that give clues to their unique properties. These patterns hold the key to understanding how the oils work, alone, in combinations, and in formulas.

[Free Course] Fixed Oils vs. Essential Oils

A short course in evaluating and understanding the difference between essential oils and fixed/carrier oils.