Lipids Decoded 

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If you're new here...welcome to the family

Online education can be a lonely path to take, but it doesn't need to be! In the upcoming course, we will have live calls and discussions as you study the materials. 

And you don't just get me. Since the beginning of this business adventure my daughter, Olivia has been working with me to offer these courses and study programs. 

And the oils are here for you too!

I learn from the oils every day and as you get to know them they become friends. With the oils at your fingertips, your options for creating, crafting and refining everything from luxurious facial oils to infused herbal balms, are limitless. 

I invite you to join us,

Susan M Parker

author of Power of the Seed

PS: The picture here is Olivia and me in Spain in October 2018 when we were invited to Madrid to teach, and then to Jaen, Spain to visit the ancient, wild olive relative acebuche.