Susan M Parker's

Lipid Membership

Discover a new lipid oil or butter each month, get recipe ideas and formulating tips plus an oil profile and fatty acid profile!

Monthly recipe ideas, oil profiles & formulating notes!

In the lipid oils membership we focus 100% on Lipids! Including lipid plant butters, carrier oils, and high value skincare oils. Discover a new oil each month, create recipes & formulas, customize your results and get feedback on the process. 

Monthly: Fatty Acid Profile and Notes on Plant Family

Monthly focus on an oil or butter with a fatty acid profile, recipe ideas and formulating notes

Formulating Notes & Recipe Ideas

Get monthly formulating notes and recipe ideas to work with as is or inspire your own creations.

Monthly Live Calls with Susan

Ask questions and discuss the months topics and recipes on monthly calls with Susan M Parker

Here's a few more topics you'll find inside the Susan M Parker's Lipid Membership:

  • Monthly live calls with Susan 
  • New research on oils each month
  • Recipe and formulating ideas monthly
  • Recipe vault - find recipes, formulating ideas and more
  • Lipid Topics - from allergies to the palm question & sustainability 
  • Member's only discount at