Courses & Programs

The Carrier Oil Course

This course focuses on the carriers with a look at butters towards the end of the course. This is the perfect place to start if you are a home herbalist, recipe creator or you work with essential oils and want to incorporate more dynamic bases to your work. 

Oils Only: Recipes & Methods

If you are looking for guidance and a solid foundation in making oil only skincare, this course is the perfect place to start. You'll make salves, balms, whipped body butters, body oils and more in this hands on course. 

Lipids Decoded 

The most complete course on lipid oils and plant butters. This course is for you if you are a professional formulator, aspiring formulator, herbalist, aromatherapist. And, it is truly for anyone who wants to go deep into these wonderful oils.

Facial Oil Formulation

Learn the art and science of formulating facial oils in this condensed course on facial oil formulation. Registration open now through Monday September 20th, 2021

The Lipid Formulators Membership

Get monthly recipe ideas, notes on experiments, new oil profiles and monthly live calls. A monthly membership (no commitment and you can cancel any time right inside the portal. Plus get access to the Lipid Database with fatty acid profiles for over 140 carrier oils. 

[FREE] Carrier vs Eo's 

Get started with the free mini course on the differences between carrier oils and essential oils. Learn about botanical oils, essential oils, fixed oils and then, in part four, put it all together with ideas for recipes & combinations. 


the Lipid Oil Academy

In an early Greek myth, Athena launches a javelin into the air and where it lands on the earth the first olive tree bursts forth.

The olive tree was revered as sacred by the ancient Greeks and its fruits touched all parts of Greek culture. Abundant in its lipid gifts the tree supplied cooking oil, food oils and meats, oils for sacraments and for lighting in lamps.

For this reason olive groves were considered sacred and were dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom. The gymnasium made famous by Plato as a center for learning outside the city gates of Athens was conducted in those olive groves.

Learning in the groves of academe

It was under those olive trees that gave us the expression "the groves of Academeā€ from the gymnasium dedicated to the Athenian hero Akademos who saved Athens from destruction.

Welcome to the Lipid Oils Academy.

For the name oil comes from the ancient Greek elaion, Latin oleum, and old French oile.

The olive grove, tree, fruit and oil are the ancient source of our study. Olive is literally the root word for oil.

Susan M Parker

Your Teacher and Guide

I am here to share my 20 plus years of research and exeperience working with the Lipid Oils. I am your teacher inside the courses and your guide in your journey into working with these wonderful, rich and varied raw materials. 

Olivia Parker

Your Support Contact

We are a team of two. My daughter Olivia keeps things humming along around here behind the scenes. You can reach out to her for help and questions about accessing your courses and programs and anyhting else that comes up. Contact