Blogging, writing, disseminating information on the web, if it’s not accurate your credibility is questioned. Your readers are owed accurate information. I’d love to help you give it to them.

Beauty blogging and nutritional posts about oils can be confusing. Why? because the authors are often confused! Many mix up the fixed oils and the essential oils, while others mix up what is essential about both of them. The difference between pressed seed oils and infused oils is another point of confusion.

I find a variety of errors and rampant misunderstanding across the internet; what’s an essential oil, what’s a carrier oil, how are they different, when to use one or the other. There are many points of entry to the subjDSC_0030ect but if the writer is confused, the blog is often inaccurate, mixing up different oils and putting out misinformation that can also be harmful.

I have a special interest in introducing you to the world of oils, helping with the distinctions between the essential aromatic oils and the fatty carrier oils. With twenty years experience making natural skin care products I am in the unique position of having two decades of hands on experience and knowledge of the oils, both essential and carrier, and using them in creating formulations for use on the skin for both healing and beauty.

As author of the book, Power of the Seed about the fixed carrier oils, I have made an in-depth study of the subject. With 20 years working with the material and the research for the book, I understand and know the oils used for skin care and for nutrition and I can help you gain this knowledge too.

My book is a good place to start to understanding this large and complex subject then,

Let me help you

I review copy for blogs and posts on the subject of oils and skin care, $100 per post up to four pages. Larger projects are negotiable. Please contact me at to arrange a review of your copy or project.

Susan M Parker