With the Lipid Oils You Can

  • Transform your daily skincare routine
  • Build exceptional skincare formulas
  • Develop beauty oil combinations that work
  • Infuse medicinal plants and botanicals
  • Make moisturizing oil rich soaps 
  • Create effective therapeutic eo blends

So what are the lipid Oils?


You can find these oils under the name carrier oil, fixed oil, beauty oil, botanical oil, base oil and seed oil. 

All these terms describe the fatty acid rich lipid oils, pressed from seeds, nuts and kernels harvested around the globe.

For decades these exceptional oils have had so many names that we are faced with confusion. 

We can change that. Together.

The Book: Power of the Seed

Power of the Seed gives you a complete picture of the lipid oils. Whether you are a formulator, herbalist, or massage therapist, or you simply want to take better care of your skin naturally, this book will take you from curious to understanding and mastery of these wonderful raw ingredients. 

“I’m in love with this book. It’s a richly detailed and well organized compendium of everything you could ever want to know about oils. The book is written with love and deep respect for the power of the seed. The writing is vivid, spirited, and enjoyable. This book will be referred to time and again and is highly recommended.” An Amazon review.

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Meet Susan


I'm Susan M Parker, author of Power of the Seed: Your Guide to Oils for Health and Beauty. I have spent over two decades researching, studying and working with the lipid (carrier) oils first as an herbalist and soapmaker and then as a formulator as I began building my own skincare line. As I was creating products and developing new recipes I realized that these oils are at the foundation of so much of what we do as makers and formulators. These oils quite literally carry most of the blends, recipes and combinations we create. 

The Lipid (Carrier) Oils vs. Essential Oils