The term dry oil is one I’ve been seeing used with increasing

hemp seed oil in beaker

Hemp seed oil seems to be showing up in more and more

Not too long ago, lipid oils and carrier oils were not nearly

Meadowfoam is a truly special oil, with its majority of twenty carbon

grapeseed oil in beakers

What is the difference between a ‘dry oil’ and a ‘drying oil’?Terminology

Having grown up with hibiscus flowers, usually bight red with the long

Cranberry seed oil, a complete facial oil in a bottle? Some oils

marula oil in beaker

There are many many lipid oils that make wonderful skincare oils all

ucuuba butter melted and solid

Above: Uccuba butter melted and solid. I’ve been working on a recipe

Sea buckthorn oil is pressed from the ripe berries and seeds of