carrier oils and plant butters in beakers

Salve-making is a simple process with infinite possibilities! In the video below I show you how to make a simple salve using beeswax, cupuaçu butter, rice bran oil, and wheat germ oil.

From this simple recipe, your creativity can lead you in experimenting and trying combinations.

Ideas: instead of the two carrier oils, you can use a herbal infused oil or combination of infused oils.

And in place of the cupuaçu butter you could substitute cocoa, mango, shea, or one of the many others available.

You can also stay with non-infused oils and still find a wide range of the liquid carrier oils to work with, anything from rosehip seed oil to baobab oil.

With so many different ingredients available, you can customize your salve as much as you like.

For a sample recipe for a herbal calendula salve click here

Below is a short video on the basics of making salves. In this one I am using a butter, two carrier oils and a fragrant wax. 

Adding plant butters is optional, but I never skip this step! I'll share why in the video.

Here's the ingredients and proportions I used for this simple salve. 

  • 10% Beeswax  

  • 20% Cupuaçu butter
32% Rice bran oil
  • 32% Wheat germ oil
  • 6% Carnation floral wax

Notes: The scent was not as strong as I had originally wanted so will increase the carnation floral wax for the next round. Overall the salve set up well and has a good texture. 

What are you working on or experimenting with? Leave a question or a comment below

  • Wow! I had never heard of floral waxes before this video, now I’m excited to try them. Where do you recommend I buy them from? Thank you Susan!!

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