Prickly pear seed oil has been at the high end on the pricing scale for lipid oils for years now and it doesn’t seem to come down.

Despite this, it is a lovely rich oil high in vitamin E and phytosterols.

When I do invest in this oil, I like to use it alone as a luxurious single oil facial oil.

Check out the video below to learn more about prickly pear seed oil.

Is prickly pear seed oil one you have worked with before? leave a comment or questions below

  • Hello! I am from México, and I love nopales and tunas, we also have green tunas and they’re sweet and juicy! I am sure I will love the oil too in my formulations!

  • The Latin and official name is Opuntia. The cleaned and cooked paddles are wonderful for controlling blood sugar and the blended fresh paddles make a delightful smoothie which also blocks the absorption of alcohol in the blood stream and which is also great on the hair. We also apply the warmed paddles in the Caribbean for aches and pains, particularly back pain.

  • The red fruit is Tuna in Mexico. The leaf part is called Nopal. Both delicious and we eat them a lot over the year Here in Mexico.

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