Parsley seed oil comes to us in two forms. The most common is the essential oil, distilled from parsley seeds.

And then we have a parsley seed lipid oil, pressed from the fatty oils inside the seeds. Parsley seed oil is high in flavonoids and other unsaponifiables.

It is an interesting oil, stronger smelling and more active than many of the carrier oils we work with.

Here is a short video I made on parsley seed lipid oil.

Have you happened upon parsley seed lipid oil? Leave a question or a comment below.

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  • This is very interesting. Are the INCI names the same between the EO and the lipid oil? If so, how do you even find which is which?
    I also can’t wait for your chat about carrot seed lipid oil. I always see debates about carrot seed oil because some people argue there is a lipid oil, some argue there isn’t, some argue only EO some argue that there isn’t an EO , only a macerate from carrots themselves. It can be such a divisive topic!

    • Carrot seeds do make two oils – distilled for the aromatic essential oils and pressed for the carrier oil. The carrier oil is darkly green and smells of the seeds, Not sure about the INCI names as they look the same for both which would be a problem. There is also a macerated oil of the root that is bright orange and very different from either of the seed oils.

  • Looks super interesting Susan, thank you for sharing! I wonder what its benefits would be for the scalp or hair? Hmmm… I’m loving the spectacular colour too – beautiful!

  • Thank you for another nice video! No, I haven’t been able to buy any parsley seed oil as yet, but a Canadian Aromatherapy company who has recently ventured into making facial oils uses this oil for one of their signature serums and that’s what made me sit up and take notice of this Lipid oil. Seems promising.

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