Pomegranate seed oil is thick and viscous and deeply nourishing and protective for the skin.

It is one I recommend without hesitation for a facial oil for dry or mature skin.

But, used alone it is a bit too thick I find and so this is one that is best added in smaller amounts to your formulations.

Here’s a short video on pomegranate seed oil and some of the properties that make it such a valuable skincare oil.

What oils are you working with? leave a comment below

  • Good morning Susan thanks for the information. Can I make the oil myself if so can I get the recipe, I would appreciate it.

    • Hi Allison, to make a seed oil, you would need large amounts of seeds and specialized equipment to press the oil out. It is not usually something that can be done on a small scale but it is possible. The seeds need to be dried before pressing – if you want to try it I recommend Youtube videos to see how it is done and then good luck!

  • Hi Susan,
    Thankyou for sharing this blogpost !It is definitely a wonderul oil for skin .I use it alone on my face and i get acne very quickly but it never gives me acne.
    Also i was wondering if you can share its effect for the skin barrier function ?i want to use it with olive oil as olive oil regular use compromises the skin barrier ,so would it be a good combination with olive oil ?


  • I just love your videos because they are so informative. I have seen pomegranate seed oil on Amazon but was concerned about whether it’s the real deal. I think that I’m going to order some to try out.

  • I’ve used fractionated coconut oil for years but found it drying. This lead me to my interest in you. Watching your videos and reading your book, I have fallen in love with grapeseed oil. My skin stays hydrated all day. I use it as a carrier oil for my essential oils. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

  • Susan, I’m glad you shared this information. This is an oil I’d like to incorporate in my skin-care regimen. Thank you so much. Have a lovely day.

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