Mangosteen oil is the only liquid oil I have come across in the plant family Clusiaceae, but it has several valuable plant butter relatives.

In the video below I share a little about this valuable skincare oil that is both light and considered a dry oil. In fact, all the butters in this family also fall into the category of dry butters. These are oils that are absorbent and non-oily feeling on the skin.

There is a specific reason for this that has to do with the unsaponifiable portion. Check it out in the video below.

Is mangosteen oil in your current collection? Share a comment or ask a question below.

  • Such helpful information. Since they are in the same family, would you say that mangosteen oil and kokum butter are interchangeable for skincare recipes? I use kokum butter to create a whipped face cream and am looking for a “liquid” equivalent that I don’t have to whip.

  • Hello Susan, my name is Fatima from Lombok Island in Indonesia, I made infused oil with mangoesteen peel. now is Mangoesteen season here. I choped the peel, dried and infused with coconut ester ( caprylyc capryc T) I do with hot process. put then under the sun 7 -8 hrs a day for 3 weeks. I covered the vessel with paper to avoid the direct sun hit the processed oil.

    I do two different hot process, one I heat the pot on the stove with very low flame until its 70-80celcius, remove it and let it cool. I repeated the same heating process for 5 days and then Inside for 3 weeks until I harvest the oil.

    Infused with fresh mangoesteen peel giving a sweet flowery fragrance to the oil. unfortunately I discontinue this method because I am afraid of having no time to change the fresh mangoesteen peels daily and it will be disaster.

    I also use mangoesteen peel to make face scrub, I mixed with other herbs and flowers also I add himalayan salt. it supper fabs on the skin.

    • Love your experiments with fresh mangosteen. I can get them here but they are a little dry by the time I get them I think.

    • Hi Fatima, Iam excited with ure experiments. Here i try to get an oil from mangosteen, but not from the peel, i try from the other side of mangosteen. Hopely we can touch in other to reach the best oil from mangosteen due to in ma village a priority product is mangosteen.
      Asep Saepul
      Purwakarta Jawa Barat

      • Hi Fatima, Oils of plants are pressed from the seeds – you need a high-pressure machine that can extract the oil. Some plants also have oil in the mesocarp around the seed but I’m not sure of mangosteen – I’ve purchased the oil but not produced it, Good luck!

  • Thanks Susan, Can you please spell the names or the butters that come from this Clusiaceae family. I’ve seen Kokum before but not sure of the others you mentioned

    • Clusiaceae family lipid plants are the kokum butter, Garcinia indica, – Kpangnan butter (pain-ya) called the butter tree, Pentadesma butyracea, Allanblackia floribunda, allanblackia butter, and Bacuri Butter, Platonia insignis – along with the mangosteen. Mangosteen is the only liquid oil I’ve seen so far.

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