Winter is a tough time for our skin. Cold, wind, rain or dry snowy conditions outside and dry heat inside. When winter is at it’s darkest and coldest, I always reach for a few specific carrier oils to keep my skin feeling healthy.

Here’s the video

What oils are you working with this time of year? Leave a comment below

  • Hello Susan; when you say “protective” do you mean “occlusive”, like it will more likely sit on the surface of the skin? Otherwise what do you mean by “protective” specifically? PS: Just received my “Power of the Seed” book, thank you!

  • I added meadowseed foam oil to my Abyssinia oil this winter to try get a little more moisture. Living where it is regularly below zero, winter is really a hard time for skin care. Seems to be working well so far.

  • Thank you for all of yr wonderful info. I was wondering do you have a list where we could safely purchase good oils?

  • How long are the fatty acid chains of coconut oil? I have them described as “medium” , but I don’t know how many links they have.

    • Hi Beth, The medium length chains of carbon atoms are between 8 and 12; 8 carbons, 10 carbons and 12 carbons long. This range are the medium length fatty acid chains that melt readily at room temperature. They are saturated and so if were longer would make a more solid butter.

  • Canola oil is made from rape seed which is a variety of brassicas, the same species as broccoli. What is functionally the difference between the two, if both are organically grown?

    • Canola is a highly manipulated seed oil – it began as rape seed that was high in eurcic acid but is now mostly high in oleic acid. It is cabbage but has parted far from its original form.

  • Love Meadowfoam vs jojoba! I did not think I could on the face thanks. Both meadowfoam and abyssinian were put on my radar from you too…

  • Thank you for this information! Isn’t it interesting how many benefits come from broccoli and the cabbage family?! Will try the oil.

  • This was a useful video. I know broccoli seed we use for haircare but I think the scent is not so nice? I never knew about Abyssinian oil belonging to a cabbage family. I think meadow foam seed oil used to be a lot more popular back while ago but these days it’s hard to find a good supplier. Not too sure why.

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