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Come visit us at the apothecary where we sell our line of herbal and botanically infused face and body care products.

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Last year I started a Facebook group Lipid Love; Home of the Real Oils, because I wanted a place to talk about the real oils. I keep the group on topic discussing the fixed seed oils and their applications. The conversations are helpful, kind and respectful of all members and we have been known to cover a lot of ground in some of the threads! We have a lot of fun and learn a lot, myself included! If you’re not already part of the group, head there now and ask to join.

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“It is the plant world’s other oils, the seed and nut oils that are the focus of this book. Vital for health, the fixed oils are used in food and cooking, skin care, paint, lubrication, and medicine. Their qualities and real-world applications vary according to the plants that produce them. Their ubiquitous presence in all aspects of our lives and far-reaching usefulness is what I want to explore.” from Power of the Seed