Carrier oils are not highly scented the way essential oils are but they do have some scent. It all depends on the plant materials the oil was pressed from and how refined the oil is.

Some oils smell reliably like the fruit they come from, apple seed oil smells appely, and strawberry seed oil smells faintly of fresh strawberries.

But cherry seed oil and plum kernel oil for example both smell like marzipan or bitter almonds. This makes sense when we look at the plant family. I’ll show you why in the video below.

Where have you experienced scent in carrier oils? Leave a comment below

  • I wonder if the apple seed oil would combine well with adding a chamomile co2 to a blend. I am also making rose infused jojoba oil. Where does one get apple seed oil or strawberry seed oil?

  • I love the scent from my cherry kernel oil, as well as passion fruit seed oil! They are not overwhelming scents, but nice as a ‘base’, with or without the addition of essential oils. Tamanu oil is another oil referred to as smelling like a liqueur, to me this is overstated – it reminds me of the astringent & bitter smell of walnuts.

  • I have sensitive skin, especially on my face, so I tend to formulate with a very low percentage (<1%) of essential oil and none on my face. I truly enjoy making facial lipid-serums with an aroma profile based solely on the fixed oils I am using. I love experimenting with new oils!

  • Good Morning, Susan. I have not really paid attention to a scent in carrier oils, but now that this has been brought up, I WILL pay attention when making my next “concoction”. Truly, I had not thought of this before, so I thank you for this information. I enjoy your videos; I ALWAYS learn something! Have a lovely day.

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