Carotenoids and carrots, so what came first? The vegetable, carrots are a derivative of the Latin word for the vegetable “carota”. Beta-carotene is the name for the compound in carrots that transforms into vitamin A in the body and is similarly an orange color, often called pro-vitamin A. Only plants contain carotenoids, they don’t make vitamin A.

Carotenoids not of the pro-vitamin A group, they don’t make the vitamin in the body, are shades of green and yellows, and include xanthophylls and lutein.

Carotenes & skin health

What is so valuable about consuming orange carotenes, is they make their way from our digestive system to our blood, our fat, and lymph at which point some of the compounds make their way to our skin. There, they collect in both the epidermis as well as the lowest layer of skin and protect against damage from free radicals. They interrupt damage caused by oxygen and free radical damage.

Beta-carotenes in buriti oil

Buriti oil is one of the most generous suppliers of beta-carotene of the carrier oils. The buriti palm, Mauritia flexuosa, an Amazon native is a very red and liquid oil due to its high percentage of oleic acid. 

And like other members of the palm family, it shares the same intense beta-carotene color and poly-phenolic compounds of the African oil palm and Tucuma oil.

In addition to carotenoids, the oil is rich in vitamin E tocopherols and tocotrienols. Plant-phenols are anti-inflammatory and help calm stubborn disruptions of the skin. 

Here’s a short video on buriti oil and carotenoids

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  • Thank you so much for the great infirmation ,I will use it in my future formulas, what about the other oils that help to fade hyperpigmentation and dark spots please.

  • Thank you so much for doing this video on Buriti oil! I’m the one to ask about it and I was so pleasantly surprised to see this in my inbox today. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge. I also read your book to learn about lipids.

  • I have only seen or used one red or orange oil. This post and video is so interesting. I appreciate you broadening my knowledge base.

  • Thank you. I am on chapter 7 of your book, reading and absorbing one chapter a day. I am learning tons and really appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share.

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