What makes camellia seed oil a dry oil? Here’s a short video on camellia seed oil and its many wonderful skincare qualities. And, I want to show you two different versions of the same oil, one refined and one unrefined.

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  • With Camelia oil absorbing quickly into the skin, will that aid in helping take other oils into the skin? Is there anything you wouldn’t add in a facial oil recipe with Camelia?

  • Thank you for these Lipid chats and your wonderful book, which I have highly recommended to students and colleagues over the years (and I’m reading again as a refresher)!

  • Susan, I really enjoy these Lipid Chats. Just finished your book Power of the Seed. Excellent material. Do you expect to publish a 2nd edition with new oils?

  • Hi Suzan Usual you are so informative. Well, as I type, I am expecting a delivery with my first bottle of Camellia oil (organic) along with some other beauty’s. Looking forward to experimenting. Going to make a Camellia and olive moisturizer. Can’t wait. Thank you again. 😁

  • Thank you for sharing this – would you say that the refinement of the oil makes it lose any of its skin benefits? I use it alot with mature skin, but as you say it is a very dry oil, better used with more oily skin do you think?

  • I buy camellia seed oil and use it on areas where it doesn’t absorb into the skin. It feels like slippery and luxurious.

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