Cranberry seed oil, a complete facial oil in a bottle?

Some oils are so well balanced in their fatty acid profile and so rich in antioxidants that they are a complete facial oil all on their own.

Oils like cranberry seed oil.

Cranberry seed oil has a balance of essential fatty acids and it is a rich topical source of antioxidants.

And though the crop has been around for hundreds of years, cranberry seed oil is fairly new on the market.

A modern oil from an ancient crop

It takes about 30 pounds of cranberries to produce one ounce of oil. This would make cranberry seed oil an unsustainable choice and unimaginably expensive if the oil was the only product, but that is not the case!

Cranberries have been grown and harvested for a long time for juice, and in that process, huge amounts of pomace is created. The pomace is then crushed fruit pulp that contains skin, flesh, and seeds after the juice pressing is complete.

So all those seeds are essentially a byproduct of the juice and food industry.

Before modern pressing methods were developed, the tiny hard cranberry seed would not readily release its oil.

But with modern techniques and tools, producers are able to gather up the pomace, separate the seeds, dry them and press them for the lovely oil inside.

Cranberries are one of several of the newer oils available as a byproduct of the juice and jam industry. Others are

Blueberry seed oil
Raspberry seed oil
Kiwi seed oil
Strawberry seed oil
Blackberry seed oil

Fatty Acid Profile Omega 3, 6 & 9 in Balance

Cranberry seed oil has a combination of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids plus omega 9 oleic acid, an uncommon occurrence in how balanced they are in the fatty acid profile.

Linoleic acid (omega 6), alpha-Linolenic (omega 3) and Oleic acid (omega 9) are found in similar proportions.

It is rare to find all three of the fatty acids in an oil in such relative balance.

Antioxidants and other plant compounds

Just as cranberries are a rich food source of antioxidants, oil pressed from the seeds contains antioxidants and plant compounds as well.

Cranberry seed oil is a rich source of polyphenols, carotenes and vitamin E. These antioxidants help to protect and nourish the skin.

Phytosterols and phospholipids naturally present in cranberry seed oil help the skin build collagen and helps with skin elasticity.

Cranberry seed oil has a pale golden color and a neutral to lightly fruity scent. Over the years working with these oils, I have found that color and scent can vary from supplier to supplier and even batch to batch! depending on the level of refinement and crops. Buying a small amount to try, before investing in a bulk order is a good practice when stocking up on oils for production or formulating.

Cranberry seed oil in a facial oil combination or blend

Cranberry seed oil is a facial oil all on its own but it is also a powerfully nutritious addition to a facial oil blend.

Here are a few suggestions:

Mix 3 parts cranberry seed oil with 1 part evening primrose oil to help calm mild skin inflammation.

For blemishes, try 3 parts cranberry seed oil mixed with 1 part nigella or black seed oil.

For skin tightening and toning, combine 1 part cranberry seed oil with 1 part camellia seed oil. Camellia seed oil is high in tannins giving it a ‘dry’ feel on the skin.

And to create a luxurious, vitamin E rich facial oil, combine 1 part cranberry seed oil with 1 part prickly pear seed oil.

Are you incorporating cranberry seed oil into your skincare routine or skincare formulations? Leave a comment below and share your experience.