This is a new one for me and so when I found it at one of my suppliers I couldn’t help but try it.

Here’s a short video on lettuce seed oil.

What new oils are you working with? Leave a comment below

    • Yes I got the lettuce seed oil from Cocojojo – As far as tomato it isn’t one easily available but it turns up in small quantities occasionally. I don’t have a favorite for that one.

  • Wild lettuce, and other lettuces, are suppose to be similar to mild opiates, very relaxing and pain-relieving. This would probably be a great oil to add to aches and pain salves, sunburn salves, or for inflammation and puffiness under the eyes as a facial oil.

  • Sue, thank you. This is another lovely video about lettuce seed oil. I did NOT know about this kind of oil. I LOVED seeing the PURPLE blueberry seed oil. I always learn from your videos. Thanks again.

    • People are increasingly sensitive to this oil – and it is mostly GMO now so finding a good organic version is recommended. It is high in Linoleic Acid naturally which is why it is often hydrogenated to be margarine.

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