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Oats are very calming to the system and oats are often used for soothing irritated skin conditions.

Oat seed oil is also very calming.

Here’s a short video on oat seed oil.

What oils are you working with? Leave a comment below

  • Thanks for the videos, I have just purchased your book, power of the seed. It is truly an amazing well written book

    • Pressing oils tends not to be a project we can do at home. You need specialized equipment to press whole oat grains.

  • Thankfully I have oat seed oil in my pantry. Will work with ASAP. Unfortunately, I still have challenges purchasing book. Iā€™m enjoying the course though.

  • Thank you, Sue. Another informative video. I am learning so much. But every video I watch, I think, “Ooo, I want to make lotion bars/soap/lip balm with THAT oil.” Have a lovely evening.

  • What a great trifecta….oats for breakfast, oat straw tea for lunch, oat seed oil on dry skin. Can’t wait to experiment with this. Thank you, Susan!

  • I just sat down to open my emails with a hot chocolate made with oat milk and an oat & ginger biscuit, and there was your video on oat oil!… I’m surprised at the colour, in my head I pictured it being more pale/colourless. One I need to investigate and check out in your book, thank you.

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