Cabbage seed oil, Abyssinian oil, broccoli seed oil, daikon radish seed oil, and mustard seed oil all have one thing in common, they all belong to the cabbage family (Brassicaceae family).

And being in the same family we can find patterns in the fatty acid profile. In the case of the cabbage family, I have found all the members to have some percentage of erucic acid, and often quite a high percentage.

If you’ve ever come across an article or formulation recommending daikon or broccoli seed oil for hair care formulations, erucic acid is the reason. It is a very long carbon chain fatty acid that gives these oils particular properties.

What cabbage family oils have you worked with before? Leave a comment below

  • Broccoli Seed Oil. I notice the silicone like texture. Very much appreciate you sharing such incredible knowledge.

  • I love ur videos. U teach so many cool things. I’m always learning. Thank you for sharing ur wealth of knowledge. I love using it to make my products! You r truly appreciated

  • Thank you Susan. I use broccoli and mustard seed oils in one of my face products for men. Is the scent similar to broccoli seed oil?

    • Yes, it does have a very faint scent of sulfur like cooked cabbage. diluted and combined with some essential oils it wouldn’t be noticeable at all.

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