Coffee bean oil and coffee beans

Producers press coffee seed oil from both the green beans and the roasted beans. And be aware, there is also coffee essential oil, which can be confused with the lipid oils we’re discussing here.

How is green coffee bean oil different from roasted coffee bean oil?

The roasting process develops the rich aroma we are used to with coffee so coffee bean oil from roasted beans has a deep rich scent.

The green coffee bean oil has no coffee aroma at all. Rather, the green oil I find to have a raw, woodsy kind of scent. And, when you can find an oil that is not overly refined, it has a medium amber color. And the unrefined or lightly refined green coffee bean oil contains hundreds of natural compounds.

What is most unusual about coffee seed oil is its fatty acid profile dominated by polyunsaturated linoleic acid with saturated palmitic acid second. The oil have very little oleic acid, less than 10%, and so is a good oil for those that don’t do well with high oleic acid oils.

I’ve read many many studies about the health benefits of coffee, and some that dispute those same benefits, but overall we know that coffee is packed with active compounds. On the skin, all those natural compounds, have some wonderful benefits I’ve been discovering in my research.

Here’s a short video on coffee bean oil and some of the skin benefits of this lovely lipid oil

Have you worked with coffee bean oil? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

  • Thank you for posting this topic. I ordered some Green Bean essential oil and plan to add this my formulations. Susan, I love the information you post and discuss:)

  • Coffee Bean, Green has LA about 40%, ALA 2% and PA 40% (at P. 277 Power of the Seed). So I believe fatty-acids profile also depends on growing conditions/origin of the beans. Coffee beans from Columbia may not be bearing same oil as ones from Kenya?

    • It’s true that different growing conditions are going to impact the fatty acid structure of an oil as would variety of plant.Some botanical families have very similar almost identical profiles – cranberry and blueberry is one – while others can vary a lot. A lab test of each oil would give us that information.

    • It is not a common carrier oil unfortunately but a quick google search Edens Botanicals and Fram Nature with Love both seen to have it in the US.

  • Not yet, I would be very interested in getting some and experimenting. Perhaps cellulite reduction type oil blend? Thank you so much for the information you share. So much to do with limited quality time to do it.

    • agree. It must increase local circulation around the area of application. Not sure how frequent applications required to achieve the goals.

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